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Here you can find the three outputs that were developed during the project: The AMEDY online training, the support strategy paper and the toolbox with awareness raising activities.

Vorschaubild Amedy Online Training English

Online Training: Active Media Education for Disabled Youth

The free online training "Active Media Education for Disabled Youth" addresses educational professionals who work with children and young people with intellectual disabilities. On the basis of three modules, the opportunities of digital media are being explored and awareness of potential online risks is raised:

Module 1: Media Usage and Privacy
Module 2: Trends and Risks
Module 3: Creation and Participation

Click here for the Moodle platform

Vorschaubild Amedy Support Strategy Paper English

Paper: Support Strategies

The aim of the paper is to provide a better overview of the needs of young people with intellectual disabilities. What do they need to navigate safely through the online world and what support can or must caregivers provide? Using two examples, the method of Design Thinking is shown in its application and demonstrates how action and support strategies for practice can be derived from it.

Click here for the full paper

Click here for the Support Strategies

Vorschaubild Amedy Toolbox English

Toolbox: Awareness Raising Activities

With the toolbox, the project consortium aims to raise awareness of the needs of children and young people with intellectual disabilities and their pedagogical support. It offers a collection of best practice activities across Europe that raise awareness of the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in our digitalising society. In addition, the toolbox includes a catalogue of concrete tips, practical guides and useful resources that can be used to implement own ideas or actions.

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