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25. March 2021

Awareness Webinar in Belgium

We will complete the Erasmus+ project AMEDY (Active Media Education for Disabled Youth) in March this year. As an awareness activity, Belgium project partners UCLL put together an automated webinar that will be made available to all students within their college UCLL.

The AMEDY project addresses the challenges of the digital world for youth with intellectual disabilities and the needs of professionals working with this target group. This content also connects to other projects UCLL are currently conducting within the Digital Inclusion research line, and combined, these results are already leading to an exciting body of information, knowledge and insights.

The following topics will be covered in the webinar:

  1. Introduction: who are people with intellectual disabilities and what digital needs do they have?
  2. Four projects will zoom in on specific aspects related to this.
    a. PWO Online Care 4 Specials: How online care also takes shape for people with intellectual disabilities?
    b. Tablet 4 Specials: How people with severe multiple disabilities can also use a tablet in a leisure context?
    c. PWO About SEO: How to deal with online risks in persons with a dysharmonic developmental profile (young people with intellectual disabilities or in youth care) from the point of view of social-emotional development?
    d. Erasmus+ AMEDY: How we can professionalize as professionals in the field of active media education?

Because UCLL strive for a good intertwining of research and education, but also because it is important that awareness is created around these topics, they offer this webinar (in Dutch) with the intention of integrating it in course units that are related to this topic or it can also be made freely available on various learning platforms for students.

As of now, this webinar (which lasts 90 minutes) is available and after an email to UCLL, they can provide access for it. Please note that everything is recorded in Dutch.