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1. April 2021

Multiplier Events in Greece

In Greece, IASIS, organized and implemented two Multiplier Events dedicated to the dissemination of the AMEDY Toolbox (Intellectual Output 3 deliverable), to relevant stakeholders and representatives of Greek institutions that are working in the disability field.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions IASIS organized two small groups of professionals, by keeping all the safety measures and restrictions.

Multiplier Event 2 in Griechenland im Rahmen des Projekts AMEDY, organisiert von IASIS

Even during the pandemic, the organization had the opportunity to implement face-to-face seminars, expanding in this way the dissemination and exploitation potentialities of the project.

The agenda followed during the event was:

  1. Presentation of AMEDY Project
  2. Short presentation of IO1, IO2
  3. Validation of Toolbox's contents
  4. Evaluation of the Toolbox
  5. Networking session about exchange on practices and future cooperation
  6. Closing