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15. March 2021

Digital expert exchange on awareness-raising activities in Germany

Last Friday, the digital expert exchange "Active media work with intellectually disabled young people", organised by Stiftung Digitale Chancen, took place in Germany. The focus was on how to create awareness for the situation of people with disabilities in the context of the digitalization of our society.

Together with educational professionals, stakeholders and responsible persons from associations and organizations, we talked about examples of good practice and exchanged views on the feasibility of various awareness-raising measures.

The aim of the expert exchange was also to ensure a first look at the toolbox for awareness-raising activities that was developed as part of the AMEDY project. The two-part tool contains, on the one hand, a collection of best practices, i.e. good practice activities, campaigns and actions that have successfully drawn attention to the (digital) needs of people with disabilities in the past in the three partner countries Germany, Greece and Belgium, but also in an international context. These examples of good practice are intended to stimulate and inspire organizations, associations and institutions to implement their own activities to raise awareness. To support them in implementing such activities, the toolbox also contains a compilation of concrete assistance, practical guidance, tools, useful resources and innovative methods that can be used to implement activities in different dimensions (campaigns in the digital space, workshops, large-scale events) that address different target groups (young people, professionals, the general public).

The participants of the expert exchange were able to take a first look into the toolbox and give valuable feedback on what added value they see in such actions, where there may be stumbling blocks and to what extent they see applicability in their own working environment. The exchange was very lively and fruitful for all participants - because through the view of the experts, the project consortium received further suggestions that will be incorporated into the finalization of the toolbox.

The toolbox will be published in the form of a manual on our project website at the end of the project period and will be available to all interested parties free of charge.