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4. November 2020

International conference on active media education for youngsters with an intellectual disability

On December 3, 2020, the project consortium of AMEDY will host an international online conference. Participation is free of charge and registration for the online conference is now possible.

Dealing safely and responsibly with digital media remains a hot topic. It requires a tailored approach both in form and content. Especially for people with disabilities, organizations see a central role for the professional. In addition to adapted materials and forms of work, specific training is needed on how to support clients.

Given the recent covid 19 crisis, the importance of this topic is growing, as welfare services had to switch to using almost exclusively online help and digital communication. It challenged both professionals and clients to use forms of digital communication as a bare necessity.
Before this crisis it was already known that both professionals and clients need to strengthen their general digital skills. At first the instrumental use of hardware and software. But most important they need to acquire the set of knowledge, skills and mentality so they can move consciously, critically and actively in a complex, changeable and fundamentally medialized world. This is what is called ‘media literacy’.

The European project AMEDY (Active Media Education for Disabled Youth) deals with the challenges of the digital world for young people with developmental disabilities and with the requirements of the professionals working with this group.
The project realised the last two years three products that will be presented during this final international conference.

Date: 12/03/2020, 9:30am - 1pm
Registration: To register for the online conference, please fill in the following form: https://events.ucll.be/content/international-conference-amedy-3-december-2020-online
The access link will be sent via e-mail to all registered persons in time before the conference.